Propane Lets You Enjoy Outdoor Living, Even in Fall!

propane_outdoor_kitchenOutdoor living doesn’t have to end in Fall. Propane warms and lights your pool and outdoor living spaces!

Keep using your pool, even in cooler weather!

propane_pool_heaterAccording to the US Department of Energy, propane heating warms pools, spas and hot tubs faster and maintains heat better in cold weather than electricity.

Although solar heating is a cost effective method for pool heating, it only works as long as the sun is shining. Electricity loses efficiency when the outdoor temperature drops below 50 degrees. On the other hand, propane heats pool and spa water to comfortable levels regardless of the air temperature. Using propane to heat your pool and/or hot tub is a wise choice!

Propane can be used to heat both above-ground and in-ground pools, spas or hot tubs. While both solar and electricity take a long time to bring water temperature up to a comfortable level, propane can heat even large pools very quickly. This means you can continue to enjoy your pool and spa year-round.

Heating and Lighting Outdoor Living Space

outdoor_propane_space_heaterDon’t let the chilled are and shorted days dampen your outdoor living enjoyment! Propane is a clean, efficient and reliable energy source for lighting and heating your patio and outdoor living spaces. Unique lighting, including tiki torches, can create a year-round attractive outdoor environment for entertaining or relaxing. Keep warm by adding a propane fire pit or patio heaters. Both outdoor lighting and heating can be either piped from your existing propane delivery system, or you can choose from many portable devices that are individually propane cylinder powered.

Outdoor Kitchens/Grills

propane_grillFrom a small grill to a complete gourmet outdoor kitchen, propane is the fuel of choice for power, whatever the size. Besides grills, propane can power many cooking methods from rotisseries to pizza ovens! It’s not only faster than charcoal, propane is also cleaner, better for the environment, and provides better tasting food. Our beautiful California weather makes year-round grilling possible. Include a propane patio heater for the few chilly evenings we occasionally experience, and you can entertain in your outdoor living area any time of year.

Contact Western Propane Service to keep your outdoor living space warm and bright this fall!

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