Propane in Agriculture – Greener, Cleaner & Cost Effective

agriculture-propane-tankPropane has been used in agriculture for decades due to its efficiency and versatility. Nearly 900,000 farms in the U.S. use propane on fields and in farm buildings for daily operations. About 10% of all propane sales, equaling a billion gallons, are used in agriculture. Currently, over 50% of the farms in the U.S. use propane.

Propane offers a valuable energy source for the farming industry. As a low-emission, clean burning fuel, propane is both environmentally sound and meets or exceeds energy conservation regulations. Propane’s high BTU content makes it a cost effective fuel source.


sunset-at-farmBecause of propane’s portability, it is easy to use and store for farm use in small or large operations, especially on farm fields and in structures that have limited or no access to electricity grids or natural gas lines.

Organic, sustainable farming is growing due to consumer demands to reduce consumption of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Propane is a useful fuel for organic farmers to help reduce the need for these chemicals in several ways.

industrial-agri-propaneSome of the many ways farmers are using propane:

  • Weed and Insect Control – propane fueled flame and steam equipment reduces or eliminates the
    need for chemicals.
  • Sanitation – flame and steam equipment powered by propane is used to reduce pathogens in dairy and poultry facilities
  • Space and Water Heating – propane is convenient, efficient, and easy to store for remote farming facilities
  • Electrical Generation – power generators using propane reduce greenhouse gasses, are convenient for off-grid farming, efficient, reliable and affordable
  • Frost Protection – equipment for heating crops and orchards with
    propane is portable, cost effective, and safer for the environment compared to other fuel sources
  • Waste Management – Propane incinerators are a cost effective, biologically safe and sanitary method of disposing of farm waste
  • Crop Moisture Control & Conditioning– Equipment for drying crops powered by propane is safer for the environment, eliminates the need for chemicals, and increases food safety
  • Irrigation Systems – Propane irrigation equipment is efficient, reliable and has lower maintenance costs

See what these farmers have to say about propane:

Ryan Berggren uses propane to irrigate his 620 acre farm

Nick Decas discusses the benefits of propane on his 500 acre cranberry farm

A short overview of propane farming uses

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