Propane – A Green Energy Alternative

5 reasons propane is a superior energy alternative

ring-flameDid you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved propane as an alternative clean fuel in 1990 and also listed propane as an alternative fuel in the Energy Policy Act of 1992? What makes propane a superior energy source?

Propane is Clean and Green

  • Propane is insoluble in water
  • Propane is not considered a greenhouse gas
  • If propane tanks leak, it vaporizes into the air and dissipates
  • Due to its simple hydrocarbon structure, propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels
  • Using propane over electricity cuts emissions and creates less carbon dioxide
  • Propane is non-toxic and doesn’t harm water or soil
  • Neither above or below ground propane tanks require EPA regulation
  • The processes to produce propane or the combustion of propane do not produce significant sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, the main cause of acid rain


Propane is Safe

  • Propane is not toxic
  • Propane does not harm water or soil
  • If there’s a leak, an added rotten-egg like odorant makes it easy to detect
  • Because propane is pressurized gas, it dissipates into the air instead of creating puddles of liquid.
  • Ingestion is unlikely because of the pressurized state of propane in sealed canisters.
  • Of all the alternative fuels, propane has the lowest flammability range
  • A temperature of 940° must be reached before propane ignites when combined with air, while gasoline only needs to reach 430°

Propane is Cost Effective

  • Propane tankless water heaters offer a savings of as much as 60 percent less to operate than electric water heater tanks
  • Propane heats faster and uses less energy than electricity
  • Propane powered appliances usually lasts much longer and require less maintenance


Propane is Energy Efficient

  • Since 90% of the propane used in the US is produced domestically, transportation energy and dependency on foreign energy is reduced
  • Propane furnaces can achieve efficiency ratings of 97 percent or better
  • As a secondary source of heat, propane fireplaces offer 90% or better efficiency as opposed to 15% for wood-burning fireplaces


Propane is Dependable

  • In the event of a power grid outage, your propane heating keeps going
  • Propane furnaces provide more consistent heat with faster delivery than electric
  • Propane clothes dryers offer a gentler, moister air that is gentler on fabrics, dry clothes faster, and also help reduce wrinkles and static cling

Businesses and homeowners alike are convinced that propane is a superior energy source. Get started with Western Propane today!


Propane Reduces GHG Emissions – This report quantifies the greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions profile of propane compared to other fuels in selected applications.
PDF download

Greenhouse Emissions Fact Sheet – Study shows that using propane can help lower carbon emissions. PDF download

Propane-Fueled Home Earns LEED Silver

From the Propane Education and Research Council
Video Overview: Achieving significant and measurable levels of energy efficiency with propane requires a holistic approach. Design, appliances, energy type and perceived performance are interdependent and critical to achieving homes that save energy and are lighter on the environment.

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