Grilling Safety Tips

Grille Chances are, your grill sits idle for at least a few months of winter. If this is the case, before firing it up, take a few minutes to prepare your barbecue for grilling season.

Re-read your owner’s manual. If you didn’t keep it, search the web for the make & model and you’ll most likely find a copy online. When you do, save this on your computer for future reference. Please be careful to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here is a list of the basics for any grill:

  • Always use your grill outdoors in a well ventilated area.
  • Clean surfaces of any grease and food, clean build up in grease trays or cups
  • Visually inspect all hoses, burners, valves, and other parts.
  • Connect all fittings per instruction manual

Check for Leaks

After connecting your grill to the propane cylinder, use a leak detection solution or soapy water to check connections, turn on gas, coat with solution or soapy water again, look for bubbles caused by leaks. If you see any, turn off gas, tighten and recheck.

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When lighting your grill, keep the lid open, turn on gas, turn on burner, and then press the ignite button. If it doesn’t ignite, turn off the gas, keep lid open and wait five minutes before trying again.

If burners go out during operation, turn off the burners and shut off gas. Leave lid open 5 minutes before re-trying. Make sure there is sufficient fuel. (See how to check fuel levels – link)

More Safety Tips:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher within reach
  • Consult your owner’s manual
  • Do NOT use matches, lighter fluid or gasoline on a propane grill.
  • Do not place spare tanks under or near grill
  • When finished, turn off burner and close tank valve.
  • Make sure completely shut off and cool before covering after use.
  • When not in use, cover disconnected hose fittings with protective cap or plastic bags to keep clean
  • Use only outdoors in upright position
  • Do not smoke when handling tanks
  • Do not leave tanks in vehicle
  • Don’t wear loose clothing that might hang over burners
  • Always use long handled tools
  • Stand back if grease causes a flare-up

1ed5ae0a641a4923566231daf462773c_f48Grills & Kids

Kids love to be outdoors during the spring/summer grilling season! And they are often very curious. Make sure you keep children away from tank and grill, and take a few minutes before firing up to remind them of the dangers of getting too close.

A fun safety lesson might be to have the kids draw a 3 foot safety zone around the grill with sidewalk chalk so they can see how far they should stay away.

This site is a fun way to teach kids about propane safety.

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