About Us

Western Propane Service was founded in 1988 by Steve and Shelly Brown. Western Propane has grown in many ways since then. The company has always had a strong family bond which has allowed us to do business from our family to yours.

1988 – 1990 were the infant years of Western Propane Service. Founder Steve Brown started the business by going door to door selling his products and services. As his company started to form, he soon had to service his new customers. Steve would set tanks for new accounts and fill existing customers in the morning, when the afternoon came he focused on sales. Meanwhile, his wife Shelly was working from their home office taking care of the general office duties. This was both an exciting, and a nerve racking time for the company. As time went on, the Central Coast began to notice the loyalty Steve and Shelly had for their customers. Word of mouth advertising began to exceed the door to door sales routine.

1991 – 2001 was a very exciting time for Western Propane. During this decade the company expanded by leaps and bounds. The customers they serviced were noticing Western Propane Service was a company they could trust. Western Propane extended its fleet and moved into a newer building on Betteravia Road. The company hired more employees and began evolving into a high-tech business by using computers in the office.

2001 – 2011 allowed the company to continue its steady growth. Western Propane provided its customers with the best service at the best price. In 2001 Western Propane Service moved into a new, custom built, state of the art facility on Meredith Lane.  Western Propane used the latest in technology to ensure you, the customer, get the best product, at the best time, for the best price.

2011 – 2014 allowed the company has expanded its service area as far south as Malibu and as far north as Paso Robles. The company opened its second location in Ventura and continued to maintain the balance of providing its customers with the customer service that comes with a small business and the capabilities of a large business. In this ever changing world, Western Propane Service continued to stay grounded by being local, honest, and caring.

2015 – Present has allowed Western Propane to continue to expand to Kern County.  As we have settled in as a trusted company in California, we continue to expand our operations.  We have noticed the people we serve, and will serve in the future, are looking for something very simple in their utility company.  They want an organization that is always honest and alway fair.  With that in mind, in 2014, we branded our organization with the tag line:  Always honest, Always fair.  We sat down and asked ourselves, “What is the thing that separates ourselves from other utility companies?”  The answer came very quickly and it was quite clear.  We have always been honest and fair with our customers.   The Brown family is very exited for what the future has in-store for Western Propane Service.  We are constantly striving to find the best way to serve you… from our family to yours!