6 Ways Artists Use Propane

Propane Heated Kilns

Potters & clay artists use propane to heat and dry their artwork. One way is by using a propane kiln. The benefits of propane over electricity is that unlike electric kilns, propane kilns provide more heat control and allow more color manipulation through reduction firing.

Watch Artist Simon Leach show off his homemade propane reduction kiln.

Need to know what size tank to get for your propane kiln? Ward Burner systems provides a handy guide to consider all the variables – season, temperature, etc.

Fire Artists

Burning Man, an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert, is known for its stunning display of fire art sculptures and displays. One of the Burning Man 2013 fire art installations, Char Wash is reminiscent of a 60’s car wash, space are style. But instead of soap and water, visitors are instead washed with flame. 8 propane burners spin furiously as they propel themselves in their orbits.

Check it out in this video:

Rusty Oliver of Hazarefactory in Seattle uses propane to power his flaming audio equalizer. Using two long perforated tubes (Rubens’ Tubes) connected to an audio source, Oliver can manipulate the flames by soundwaves,making them change based on the music.

Artistic Propane Tanks

Some artists will look at a propane tank, big or small, as a blank canvas. There are many ways to hide above-ground propane tanks with landscaping, but instead, these creative artists have found other ways to make propane cylinders look beautiful! Some propane tanks have even been painted with advertising messages. Here are a few of our favorites!

lego_propane cheshire_cat_propane hotdog_propane


Art made from propane tanks

Metal sculptors use old propane tanks to bend and stretch to their will. Some decorative, some functional, and often, both! These pieces show a range of artistic talents! From a modern-style bench welded from a propane tank to an intricately designed fire pit and planter, Old propane cylinders are repurposed in many creative ways by welders and metal artists.

propane_bench propane_tank_firepit propane_tank_recycled


Smartphone Camera Flash

On a barge that doubles as artist workshop in Denmark, a unique creative artists’ collective connected a mobile phone camera to a propane powered flame to act as a flash. Check out more of their work: Illutron – http://illutron.dk/

Glass blowing torch

Glass sculpting is an ancient art, dating back to 300 BC. Nowadays, Glass blowing is much easier thanks to propane torches! Large glass platters with intricate patterns, as well as tiny glass beads can be created with a propant torch and molten glass.

Take a look at some of the pieces crafted by artist Kevin Eagleton:

Photo by Lori Carter, Orlando Sentinel, Glass art by Kevin Eagleton.


Do you use propane in art, or know of ways others do? Let us know in the comments below!

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